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Arguably one of the best forms of a “multi-vitamin” on the market this greens powder packet packs a ton into its formula. It contains a blend of greens, herbs, mushrooms, vitamins and minerals, antioxidants, probiotics and superfoods (things like like wheatgrass, beetroot and alfalfa that most of us don't eat regularly)


While it’s not able to meet all of your daily nutrient needs and isn’t a stand in for eating vegetables and fruits, This can be a good support for your immune system and energy levels, and can help balance nutrient levels. Furthermore The ingredients are high quality, the potential benefit is positive and most people report enjoying the taste.


So what the downside? .. At around $100/month this can be too costly for many people and isn’t easy to find in the store as a one time purchase but requires a membership that ships monthly.



Would I recommend it to clients: yes


Report card

Quality - excellent

Sustainable packaging - yes

Healthy - yes (based this on can this be eaten daily)

Challenges - none

Schehr score: 4/5


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