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Marketed to strengthen your skin, lung, and gut barriers, rebuild your microbiome, activate cellular health and performance and to revive whole body immune health, this product makes it hard not to think “wow, maybe I need this” and thats exactly why ARMRA has become the new popular kid in the wellness industry. With perfect marketing campaign, paid influencers and stunning packaging ARMRA is turning many heads.


But what is it really? This product is made of colostrum, the first milk produced by moms after delivering a baby, and in this case from cows after calf are born. See my previous WTD for more on colostrum. While there are many possible benefits of colostrum, at over $100/month you are really buying more into the brand than colostrum itself (when compared to other high quality colostrum products on the market).


Does it work, for some yes they absolutely feel improvement in gut health and skin. On a positive note there are little known risks to this supplement so for many its worth a try.


Would I recommend it to clients: I would not take them off it if they were already on it and felt it was beneficial.


Report card


Quality control and transparency - good

Healthy - potentially beneficial to some

Necessary - not for most

Challenges - cost $$$

Schehr score: 3/5

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