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performance testing

Interested in enhancing your performance or changing your body composition? 


xFitlab has the science backed data to get you there.

For more information regarding xFitlab's service please visit the website:

XFit Lab (VO2Max Testing)
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KSFit Fuel

KSFIT Fuel - where fitness and nutrition unite to prioritize consistency, sustainability, and flexibility. Through this collaboration, you'll receive tools, ideas, and guidance on effectively combining food and fitness for success.

Kira Stokes emphasizes consistency in exercise, and the same principle applies to diet, which is often overlooked amidst the abundance of misinformation. Dr. Jaime and Kira advocate that proper nutrition is essential for wellness and optimal fitness, aiming to provide plans devoid of gimmicks and diet culture, rooted solely in wellness principles.

Power monkey fitness

Power Monkey Fitness, a leading collective of coaches and athletes, aims to empower individuals to achieve their peak strength. As a fitness education company, we prioritize the significance of technique and offer safe progressions for various movements. Our curriculum, guided by physical therapists, emphasizes correctives to prevent injuries and enhance performance potential, fostering longevity and athletic excellence.

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