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Creatine has been popular forever for weight lifters but its current resurgence is all about the newer research showing benefit for more than just muscle.


Creatine is associated with increased muscle mass when combined with resistance training. It may also aid in reducing muscle damage and inflammation after exercise, potentially leading to faster recovery.


Beyond fitness and looking into longevity research suggests creatine might have potential benefits for brain health and cognition Including improving memory, attention, and mental fatigue


Creatine supplementation in pre-menopausal women may be effective for improving strength and exercise performance and in Post-menopausal females may benefit skeletal muscle size and bone health when combined with resistance training.


Safety: The most common side effect is GI discomfort in some (and can be decreased by slowly increasing doses, dividing dose or taking with food) There is a lack of evidence to support concerns about kidney damage or other major adverse effects associated with creatine supplementation in healthy individuals.


Dosing is generally recommended at 2.5- 5g daily. When choosing a supplement make sure it is independently tested and only contains one ingredient,creatine. My brand recommendation is promix (not sponsored).


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