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Whats the Deal? Colostrum

Colostrum is the first form of milk produced immediately following delivery of a newborn. It is rich in essential nutrients, antibodies, growth factors, and immune-boosting substances. Colostrum contains high levels of proteins, vitamins, and minerals but is most notably high in immunoglobulins IgA, IgG,Ig M which are antibodies that help protect against infections and strengthen immune system.


So why are we talking about colostrum? because people are now taking it as a dietary supplement (sourced from the first milk of cows). And although these supplements have been around for a while they have made a resurgence in popularity lately do to one company in particular who perfected their social media marketing campaign (see next product review)


Colostrum supplements are marketed to adults to potentially benefit immune-boosting and growth-promoting effects including immune support, athletic performance, gut health, wound healing and as an anti-inflammatory. While some may notice a benefit from taking colostrum, these results are not consistent making this one of the harder supplements to recommend.


There are no known negative side effects of taking colostrum however where it is sourced from should be strongly considered. Furthermore those who have a dairy allergy or are sensitive to milk should use caution if considering.


Would I recommend this to clients depends on the reason, the individual and the source/brand. It is not my first choice for supplement but I do appreciate for some they feel it beneficial.


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