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Dr. Jaime Schehr and Dr. Debbie Magids have been sharing many clients for the last decade.  They believe in order to achieve total well-being you must address both the mind and body. Each brings their unique sensibilities to explore what your employees experience both emotionally and physiologically, unpack the root causes, alleviate symptoms, and provide the tools to prevent recurrence in its many forms. 


Workshop topics and formats are personalized to the needs of your company


Dr. Debbie Magids and Dr. Jaime Schehr, an expert in integrative medicine, have been sharing clients for the last decade.  They believe in order to achieve total well-being you must address both the mind and body. They started 360UpClose: Everything Wellness to bring their unique sensibilities to explore what you experience both emotionally and physiologically.


The workshops are personalized to the needs of your organization.


Present-Day Webinars

Resiliency, Adaptability and Purpose in our Current time 

The themes of resiliency, adaptability, choice and free will be addressed. You will learn how to cultivate resiliency to find happiness, peace and meaning, as well as maintaining healthy habits in eating, exercise, and sleep in our current climate. 


Self-care during Stay-at home 

You will discover the importance of accessing your feelings, and the impact the present-day climate is having on your emotional and physiological health. Learning the best self-care practices will keep your mind and body balanced to cope with whatever comes your way.


Additional Workshops/Webinars:


Getting Organized

Organization is an issue that most likely impacts one or more aspects of your life.  For some, it's truly in the way of being more productive. You will learn about the deeper emotional obstacles holding you back; from your faulty belief systems to ingrained habits and routines. You will see how this can affect your health through meal organization, diet, supplements, exercise, and bedtime routines.


Total Well-Being In Your Relationships

We are the constant in all of our relationships - whether it's love, friendships, co-workers or upper management.  This all starts in childhood when patterns are set, and family roles defined.  You will learn how you bring these (subconscious) patterns to all your current relationships. We will also examine the relationship we have with ourselves, and how it impacts our connections and health. We will look deeper into the individual relationship we have to food, exercise, and personal healthcare patterns. 


Flourish In Your Life: Finding Happiness

Happiness is a choice and can be cultivated; there is a difference between happiness, joy, contentment, and pleasure.  You will learn the most important tenets of positive psychology and how to best utilize these principles starting today.  It's also vital to know how your body works when you are happy.  Understanding this and knowing what foods to eat,  supplements to take, and exercises to do, will enhance your happiness and create a healthier you.


Managing Stress, Anxiety, and Depression

Understanding stress, depression, and anxiety, and its impact on the body both psychologically and physiologically is key.  You will be given practical tips on how to manage stress through deeper awareness, behavioral techniques, meditation, diet, and exercise changes.


Addictions Of Everyday Life

The stigma of 'addiction' will be debunked when you gain a better understanding that addiction is a deep emotional emptiness, and you will learn what fuels it.  We all have an 'addiction' to something; it just varies depending on what it is and to what degree it gets in our way.  It could be anything such as alcohol, work, social media, sugar, people, food, TV, exercise, etc. You will learn how addictions impact daily & personal health, and how to break free of them to move toward change.


Stay-Tuned For NewTopics:


Peak Performance: Reaching Your Highest Potential


Work/Life Balance

Female Empowerment


Change and the ‘Inevitable’ Losses in Everyday Life 

The Importance of Boundaries in all Aspects of Your Life

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